Fast ICT is notable and profoundly settled, a cutting edge Internet Service Provider in North-East Zone of Bangladesh, has been serving most fundamentals ICT based help for Personal, Corporate and Commercial Business Houses.
Internet Service Provider

Data Connectivity

Fast ICT provides an intensive range of top quality information connectivity services as well as wholesale and selling broadband, Generic LAN Access, hired lines, EFM and scientific discipline VPNs as well as hosting and collocation services and conjointly transit. Our services meet business customers\\\\’ increasing demand for a reliable, salableĀ  and versatile communications platform, whether or not they\\’re alittle, medium or enterprise sized organisation with multiple sites or one workplace.

All of our information services are delivered via our resilient national MPLS next generation network that stretches the length of the Bangladesh, from urban center and edinburgh to multiple London locations and on the far side to Frankfort (DE-CIX) and Dutch capital (AMSIX & NL-ix) and facilitates circuits up to 10Gbps. Our network is monitored and maintained 24/7 by our noc (Network Operations Center) whereas all of our services are totally supported 24/7 by our experienced Bangladesh based technical support team.

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